Nikolay Gryazin finished training for the French round of the WRC

The crew of the SRT team completed the second round of testing for asphalt Rallye Tour de Corse.

Nikolay Gryazin and Yaroslav Federov completed a large test program in preparation for the 1st WRC asphalt rally in their career. Having spent 4 days of tests in Corsica and Sardinia, our crew went to mainland Italy.
The second part of asphalt tests was mainly devoted to honing settings, obtained at the previous test session. Besides, Nikolay and Yaroslav managed to test the car on the wet tarmac in thick fog conditions and also to try crossing the tyres for the 1st time.

Nikolay Gryazin
"The tests went very well, predictably, as planned. All decisions on the main settings were made during last tests, so here we trained more and honed the details.

We were lucky to have rain on the 3rd day of tests and we drove on slippery wet road the whole day, having thus worked out the settings for the tarmac suspension. Besides, thick fog gave us great experience of driving in only 40 meters clear visibility.
During tests, we also experimented with crossing: 2 hard and 2 soft tires were installed cross-wise on the car. We will certainly face a situation when we have no opportunity to go only on soft or hard tires during the race. The weather could also change along 2 special stages in a row. At first we believed that the car would be driven worse in such a scenario, but everything went quite well and it turned out to be a completely working solution."
Rallye Tour de Corse will take place next week — from March the 28th to 31st. Nikolay Gryazin and Yaroslav Fedorov's performance will be covered in detail on the official website.