Nikolay Gryazin had four-day asphalt tests

SRT team driver completed the first round of testing in preparation for asphalt Rallye Tour de Corse.

Before the French stage of the World Rally Championship, at the beginning of March, Nikolay Gryazin and Yaroslav Fedorov started their tarmac training. The crew went to the Corsica test special stages, and after this – to Sardinia.
Nikolay and Yaroslav spent four days on tests on the whole – two days in each location. During tests, the crew worked on settings for bumpy roads and practiced driving with worn-out tires.

It was impossible to try the car in rainy conditions as the weather was fine during these four days. In spite of this fact, the crew was quite satisfied with the tests results.

Nikolay Gryazin
"At November Rallye du Var it turned out that the car wasn't quite prepared to the race conditions: it went well on smooth roads, but we lost a lot on bumpy roads and the car was obviously the problem. Therefore, during tests, we aimed to adjust the car to uneven bumpy asphalt, to make it "soft" on the one hand and clear in response on the other.

We managed to cope with this task: the car proved to be very good, although the race will show the actual result. The only disadvantage is that during all four days of tests we worked on dry roads and couldn't try the selected settings on wet asphalt – and in fact, it often rains in Corsica.
Besides, we tested driving using worn tires and learned to compensate for wear of tires with the settings. It's very important; there are extended sections at the Corsican stage and we'll have to roll out wheels completely".
In a week Nikolay and Yaroslav will have another test session – this time in the mainland of Italy. Three-day asphalt tests will take place from March the 15th to 17th.