Nikolay Gryazin carried out tests before Rally Finland

Nikolay Gryazin carried out tests before Rally Finland
The Russian rally driver is preparing for the most high-speed round of the World Rally Championship – thus he went to Finland last week and took part in the gravel test session.

The Finnish round of the WRC is famous for its high-speed special stages and plenty of jumps. These and some other conditions require proper training – the bulk of attention during tests is given to suspension performance, its energy consumption, and a driver's comfort.
During test session, Nikolay Gryazin had time to test his Skoda Fabia R5 on various kinds of roads including soft-surface twisty roads and high-speed roads with a significant number of jumps. The rain prevented Nikolay from accomplishing the whole list for the tests; however, he was satisfied with the result.

Nikolay Gryazin
"The tests were interesting and productive. We worked with shock absorbers, trying to choose the best solution in terms of car handling and energy consumption. We had time to drive on various kinds of roads including very high-speed and "jumpy" section with an average speed over 140km/h where the car is flying in the air a lot.
It's a pity we couldn't do everything that we'd planned because of rain, but on the other hand, we've found proper settings for the wet conditions. Nevertheless, we've accomplished the main task: found suspension settings for difficult Finnish roads. Moreover, we still can use the last year's basic settings from the Finnish Rally Championship."
This week Nikolay Gryazin and Yaroslav Fedorov's crew is starting in Rally Estonia, which will be the final warm-up before the Finnish WRC stage. Tartu race will take place on 12-14 July. SRT crew performance will be immediately covered in detail on the official website and in the Telegram channel.
Photo: Jonne Lantiainen